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Personalizing Multi-Channel Communications


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Collect preferences for marketing, account servicing or privacy at multiple touchpoints including applications (such as account management, point of sale or IVR) and channels (such as email, mobile or social.) Go beyond opt-outs to handle yes or no responses, consent management and lifestyle preferences.

Easily track when each preference is captured, updated, archived and expired. Collect additional information and continuously update profiles to better know and understand your customer database. In geekspeak, MyPreferences® captures and accesses preferences via industry-standard Open API technology (SOAP and REST) and secure bulk data transfer technology — a fact that is as endearing to the IT folks as it is to marketers.

Plus, MyPreferences lets you design the preference center to match the communication channel. Streamline the design for mobile devices by limiting the number of questions or choices. Provide a comprehensive preference center on web sites for in-depth choices of topics or communication channels.

The result? More engaged customers who are likely to engage with your brand through the channels of their choice.



MyPreferences provides a centralized repository that eliminates data silos and provides easy access to customer and prospect preference data throughout the enterprise. MyPreferences overcomes common enterprise complexity challenges by integrating with your existing infrastructure such as CRMs, campaign management or marketing automation systems. You don’t give up what you already use and love - you gain more engaged customers.

Program Design

  • Create new preference collection points and rules on the fly through an easy-to-use management console
  • Keep CRM systems up-to-date with the preference data of customers and prospects
  • Reduce compliance risks by ensuring that opt-out requests are honored throughout the enterprise

Preference Lifecycle Management

MyPreferences truly shines with features that both marketers and IT people can appreciate. Get end-to-end auditing and control of changes across the lifetime of a preference.

  • Leverage the MyPreferences plug-in architecture to centralize business rules for preference capture and access within the Open API and bulk data transfer layer
  • Capture, track and report preference meta data to tie preference activity back to business operations and programs


MyPreferences offers reports to support your company's strategic business decisions.

  • Analyze communication trends to understand what’s working well and to create more effective campaigns


Ditch the generic marketing pitch and build relationships based on preferences and permissions. MyPreferences offers multi-platform support and integrates into your interactive applications, enterprise service bus architecture and third party services such as email or mobile fulfillment.

  • Configurable data feeds, data collection points and access controls ensure that each system and user has access to only the preferences it needs
  • Build customer trust by delivering targeted, relevant content while maintaining compliance with all applicable consumer privacy regulations including new rules for marketing campaigns to mobile devices
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