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Personalizing Multi-Channel Communications


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Preference Manager

Preference Manager serves as the central management platform for preference data throughout the organization. Ensure consistency by managing and honoring preferences throughout the organization. Preference Manager's flexibility allows you to organize preferences by customer type, communication channel, communication program, and more.

  • Eliminate data siloes with centralized preference management
  • Manage preferences across all marketing and communication channels - phone, email, mail, text and more - even at the campaign level.
  • Apply preferences against individuals, groups or contact elements such as a phone number or email address.
  • Let prospects and customers update or change their preferences at any time
  • Use preferences to retarget future campaigns
  • Help avoid global opt-outs by offering opt-in/opt-out at multiple levels such as campaign, program, channel, or brand

Take customer and prospect preferences to the next level. Get the data you need for informed marketing decisions and more effective campaigns.

  • Use progressive profiling to gather more information
  • Create customer profiles based on account type, demographics, geography & more
  • Track reasons for opt-outs to better understand trends; use this data to plan more effective marketing campaigns
  • Find out what your customers think by integrating with third party survey tools.

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Read our FAQs on Preference Management

Decision Service

Decision Service provides the real-time status of preferences throughout the entire organization.

  • Capture preferences at the campaign level for increased flexibility
  • Enable customers to correct the conversation with your brand or company, as often as they wish
  • Mitigate compliance risk by honoring communication preferences
  • Maintain preferences in a centralized repository to avoid duplication of contact data

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Mobile Compliance

What mobile or TCPA compliance means

In the US, the Federal Communications Commission requires that marketers obtain express written consent from a consumer prior to using an automated telephone dialing system to deliver any type of advertisement, telemarketing call or text message to a mobile device.

  • Can not rely on oral or implied consent.
  • Must retain records of the consent.
  • Must ensure that the person who provided that consent is still associated with that mobile number.

Other countries also have regulations regarding communications sent to mobile devices.

  • MyPreferences supports double opt-ins for email and SMS channels.


Why marketers must ensure mobile/TCPA compliance

Many consumers have dropped the use of landlines and rely solely on mobile devices. The rules for calls or texts to mobile devices are very strict and the fines for non-compliance can be significant.

  • There has been a rise in class action lawsuits for violations of the TCPA rules.
  • There has been an increase in professional plaintiffs who look for the opportunity to sue companies who violate specific legislation such as the TCPA and Fair Debt Collections Practice Act.
  • Professional plaintiffs often employ tactics to bait telemarketers or debt collectors into violations.


How MyPreferences handles mobile/TCPA compliance

First, you must capture consent anywhere that you gather a consumer's phone number such as lead collection forms on a web site. Then, you need to maintain a record of that consent for future calling or text messaging campaigns. MyPreferences maintains this information in a central repository for easy access, management and reporting throughout your organization.

  • Using a web site collection form as an example, as the site visitor enters their phone number into the form, a web services call to PossibleNOW's database determines if the phone number is a landline or mobile number.
    • If the number is a mobile number, a consent form displays the appropriate disclosure language to allow for the capture of a valid consent as proof of prior express written consent.
    • This consent allows the use of that phone number in campaigns that utilize automated telephone dialing systems to deliver calls or text messages.

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Sites (Design Tool)

Configure campaign or program-specific opt-down and landing pages

Easily build landing pages for spot collection, preference centers, workflows and more - no coding experience required!

The Sites feature offers "drag & drop" ease of use.

  • Create pages with your desired branding, messaging and preference options.
  • Build preference centers that support multiple communication channels
  • Enable an "opt-down" approach to reduce global opt-outs
  • Track reasons for opt-outs to better understand trends; use this data to plan more effective marketing campaigns


Use preference rules to help ensure regulatory compliance

Help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for preferences gathered from all touchpoints - including third party applications or through direct integrations with marketing or line of business vendors.

  • Display locale-specific disclosure language to capture opt-in consent where required
  • Configure preference rules in one campaign or communication channel to automatically affect preferences in other campaigns or channels based on business needs.


Utilize customer typing to manage available preference options

Provide your customers with preference options that are relevant and specific to their customer type.

  • Create communication and personal preference options
  • In combination with rules, manage available options based on customer type (such a US vs Canadian customers or loyalty program type such as Standard vs Platinum)

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Read our FAQs on Preference Management


The MyPreferences Reporting feature provides preference metrics where and when you need them. The standard reports let you track new opt-ins and opt-outs by program or channel as well as those changes to opt-ins and opt-outs.

Through our partnership with Domo, one of the fastest-growing providers of business intelligence, you get access to graphic visualization of preference activity and trends. These graphical reports make preference data easier to understand and are viewable on your desktop as well as tablet or smartphone.

In addition to the standard MyPreferences reports, PossibleNOW offers custom report devdelopment based on your requirements.

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The MyPreferences Connectors feature makes it easy to send preference data collected in MyPreferences to CRMs such as Salesforce or to marketing automation systems such as Oracle Eloqua or Oracle Responsys.

Connectors automatically updates preference data in near real-time as changes occur.

  • Access current preference data for use in marketing campaigns, account servicing and more

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Easy-to-use reports provide visualization of preference data

Access clear & concise graphical reports on your desktop, tablet or smartphone

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