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Personalizing Multi-Channel Communications


Consulting Services


How can PossibleNOW help us realize our preference management vision?


PossibleNOW's Professional Services Organization has extensive experience in defining and implementing preference management technology. Generally, our services fall into 3 key areas:

  • Strategy and planning.

    Any vision needs to start with understanding the challenges and the objectives. Our proprietary consumer research can provide you with the reasons why preference management is so important in building a customer-centric organization. We'll help define your goals and objectives before we move to the next step.

  • Discovery consulting services & implementation services.

    The discovery consulting service builds the strategic roadmap, performs the needs assessment, defines the technical requirements and builds the task team.

    Depending on your specific needs, we can help:

    • Align company stakeholders
    • Determine the data siloes in the enterprise (email, social media, mobile and more)
    • Define the objectives and success factors including report metrics for successful customer engagement
    • Define project scope
    • Define the integration with other technologies such as CRMs or marketing automation systems

    For the implementation phase of your solution, our project managers take the knowledge gained during Discovery and transfer it into actionable project tasks. We work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure that the project is delivered based on the planned objectives.

  • Analysis of results.

    Our services don't end once your preference management solution is up and running. We'll measure your results against our proprietary consumer research and help you boost the effectiveness of your preference management solution.

    We can help perform the following:

    • Analyze revenue opportunities derived from better targeting
    • Assist in brand and marketing recommendations including content strategy

How do we align our preference management strategy with legacy or existing technology such as marketing automation systems, CRMs or campaign management technology? Can PossibleNOW help us with this?


PossibleNOW's preference management technology can integrate with existing systems such as CRMs. Our consulting services team will work with you to determine which systems and data need to be integrated and develop a project plan. Our assistance with integrating into your existing applications helps ensure an optimal user experience.


What are some of the typical metrics used to measure the results of a preference management implementation?


There are many metrics to measure the effectiveness of your preference management solution. These goals should be set in advance. For example, within 6 months of implementation, what were the number of opt-outs from your email communications? How did this compare with the 6 months previous to implementation? Were you able to increase the number of opt-outs by introducing the concept of opting down? Did you increase the number of opt-ins by offering a variety of communication channels in your preference center?

Other metrics may be related to process such as eliminating data siloes or simplifying the complexity of the technical infrastructure.

By analyzing your results, we can help you further optimize the performance of your preference management solution.

To learn more about PossibleNOW's professional services for enterprise preference management, contact us at (800) 585-4888 or



Preference Management


What are the driving forces behind preference management?


PossibleNOW's experience with our customers has shown that there are generally 3 key drivers for implementing a preference management solution.

  • People want a voice in how they engage with your brand or company.

    Consider all the different touchpoints used to engage with your organization — web sites, call centers, point of purchase, mobile, social media and more. Each of these touchpoints offers an opportunity to engage and learn more about your customers. How do they want to communicate with you? What products or services are of interest? How often do they want to hear from you?

    You can't just say that you know what a customer wants or needs — they need to tell you. And, only preference management gives them a voice.

  • Organizational complexity.

    You may want to know your customer better, but it can be difficult in complex organizations. That’s because in highly complex organizations, your customer data may be fragmented and scattered throughout various departments or business units. In an era of big data (and getting bigger every day), enterprise preference management helps make sense of it all by integrating into your existing technology infrastructure to provide a single, unified customer profile.

  • Legal requirements for privacy and consumer regulatory compliance.

    Whether you do business locally or globally, there is a complex maze of regulatory requirements including many that carry stiff fines for non-compliance.

    No one understands consumer regulatory compliance issues better than PossibleNOW. We’ve helped marketing organizations effectively comply with ever-changing privacy regulations since 2000. In fact, we like to say that compliance is in our DNA.


What exactly does preference management technology do? And how is it different than our CRM, campaign management or marketing automation systems?


Technology tools such as CRMs and marketing automation systems are essential elements in most organizations. Unfortunately, these systems can lead to data siloes in an organization. The data that the marketing group has about a prospect or customer may not be the same data that the customer support department or the sales team sees.

Preference management technology does not replace any of these systems — it integrates with them. By integrating with existing technology, preference management provides a complete, unified view of each customer across the enterprise.

PossibleNOW designed its preference management technology to function as a centralized repository by integrating with existing systems. Instead of managing multiple preference centers such as one for email and another for mobile, one centralized preference center handles multiple communication channels and a wide variety of preferences. This eliminates data silos with support for collecting and managing preference data across all marketing channels. And, you can also perform progressive profiling — adding additional pieces of information to the customer preference profile as the interactions and relationship builds.


What does a multi-channel preference center look like? Can we customize it to our specifications?


Of course! Click here to view a sample of a multi-channel preference center. We can help you configure your preference center based on your goals and requirements as well as best practices.


What benefits can preference management offer our organization?


Plenty! There's no question that the more engaged a customer is with your organization, the more successful your company is likely to be. By fostering a customer-centric culture, you increase customer loyalty and retention. And, you do this by centralizing customer and prospect preferences and making them available across the enterprise, so that you can communicate with more relevance over the desired channel.


OK, we are intrigued. But where do we begin with preference management?


Good question and the answer is that it varies with each organization.

Our experience shows that many large organizations start out small — for example, with one business unit or the goal to resolve an issue such as reducing email opt-outs. By identifying one brand, one business unit or one communication channel to use as a pilot program can help eliminate the need to gain buy-in from multiple stakeholders. This pilot program enables a company to prove preference management ROI and build a business case for implementing preference management throughout the organization.

PossibleNOW can help you with your preference management strategy. Our Professional Services Organization is comprised of marketing strategists, business analysts, solutions architects and project managers who are ready to help — including defining goals, implementing the technology and evaluating the results to make more informed business decisions.

You can read more about our professional services here.

Or contact us at (800) 585-4888 or

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