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Personalizing Multi-Channel Communications
Hear Your Customer's Voice
through preference management
MyPreferences personalizes engagement across the enterprise
MyPreferences personalizes customer engagement

Enhance Customer Engagement

Interact with customers & prospects based on their preferences:

Read our FAQs about Enterprise Preference Management

It's about choice.

Personalize multi-channel communications

Let customers correct the conversation by choosing how they wish to engage with you. Get Details

I'm new to Preference Management

Help ensure consumer regulatory compliance for mobile marketing.

Collect consent (check out our consent management software) at all touchpoints. Verify consent before delivering calls & texts to mobile devices. Learn More

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what's inside MyPreferences

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Read our FAQs about Enterprise Preference Management

Preference Management helps you

Reduce global opt-outs by up to 77% by enabling opt-ins.
Reduce process complexity by up to 90%.
Improve customer engagement by as much as 50%.

  • Retain customers

  • Mitigate compliance risk

  • Centralize preference data

  • Increase revenue

  • Reduce costs

VIDEO: Preference management in the new age of customer engagement